Effective October 1, 2016


RFM Seating products are engineered to provide many years of use under normal conditions when cared for properly. Normal conditions are defined as an office environment during a single shift consisting of 8-hour days, 5 days a week for a user weighing 300 pounds or less. Products manufactured by RFM carry the following limited lifetime warranties to the original purchaser:


All ergonomic, task & conference chairs:
Lifetime warranty on cylinder, 12 years on all other parts.

All Multi-Shift and Nurse’s Station:
7 year warranty on all parts.

All Big and Tall chairs:
Lifetime warranty on cylinder, 7 years on all other parts.

All guest and lobby chairs:
Lifetime warranty on all steel and wood frames,
5 years on all other components.

Essentials chairs:
5 years on all components.


    • Any product, which has been repaired or altered by the customer.
    • Any variation in color, grain, or texture of wood, leather, or fabric.
    • Any incidental damage resulting from the neglect or inability to use RFM products properly with regular maintenance.
    • Any normal wear and tear. The warranty is a protection from defects only.
    • Warranties are NOT transferable.
To make claim under this warranty, the claim must be processed through the original dealer of purchase. The dealer will inspect for warranty qualifications and may obtain a return material authorization (RMA) number from RFM. RFM shall provide, at our option, parts, replacements or monetary adjustments. Labor is not covered under warranty. The warranties indicated above are the only warranties made by RFM and no other warranties expressed or implied are given on products manufactured by RFM.

The return of products will NOT be accepted without an RMA number issued by RFM Customer Service. All returned products must be protected to prevent damage in transit and shipped pre-paid.

Care and Maintenance

In order to enhance the longevity of your new RFM chair, it is important that you maintain your chair and keep in a clear work environment.
1. Casters: Your casters do most of the work throughout the day and it is important that you clean them at least once a month. When using, especially on a hard floor or a chair mat, the casters will accumulate dirt and foreign particles on the wheel and especially between the wheels. You can use a solvent based cleaner and wipe clean. If you visually don’t see debris, a canister of air will do the trick.

2. Hardware: Over time bolts or other hardware can become loose. You should go through your chair and tighten all hardware twice a year. This will help to eliminate squeaks and ensure nothing is broken or damaged.

3. Lubrication: As you can imagine, lubricating your control from time to time will be necessary. With all of the moving parts and the locking and unlocking of the different adjustments, a can of white lithium grease will be your best defense against squeaks and creaks. We have specific diagrams for each of our controls that we would be happy to email
to you. Please call RFM Customer Service @ 800.447.5542 and they will be happy to email, fax or US Mail you the instructions.

4. Clutch Plate adjustment: Our controls are locked and released with the use of clutch plates. Over time with the constant adjusting of the seat the clutch plates can start to loosen and not hold as well. As part of maintaining your chair, you will need to tighten the clutch plates should they come loose and start to slip. Please call customer service for
instructions on how to do this.

5. Upholstery: Vacuuming and a dry wipe down of your seat and back will help in keeping your upholstery fresh and clean. Spills on the fabric can be cleaned according to the fabric manufactures specific instructions usually located on the back of the fabric card or on their web site.