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One of the industry’s leading chair manufacturers
For more than 40 years, RFM Seating has created fully customizable, ergonomic seating for a healthy and productive workforce.


We Walk the Walk
RFM is now officially MAS Certified Green - an independent emissions testing program that certifies low-emitting interior products and building materials to relevant regulatory and industry emission standards.


Provide you with comfort, durability and support
RFM is committed to making state-of-the-art chairs suitable for any work situation. We are a leading manufacturer of ergonomically engineered seating that promotes enhanced work environments and makes time spent on the job healthier, less stressful, and more productive.

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  • Testimonial #3
    Mary Weathers, PHD

    Mary Weathers I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Monterey 7925 I purchased from you in 2000. I bought one of your chairs on the recommendation of a friend who purchases for a hospital, because I was getting neck aches and headaches every day from sitting at the computer for hours…

  • Testimonial #2
    Ed Leach, Laboratory Manager, Integrity Testing, a division of Ergo Labs, Inc.

    Ed Leach Because my company does the testing for a wide variety of chairs, I can choose any one I like for my personal use. My choice is the Internet 4895 from RFM Seating, because of the comfort and quality.

  • Testimonial #1
    Paul Papiese, Formerly of Indoff, Inc.

    Paul Papiese My clients love their new chairs and the service that I provide thanks to the excellent customer service that I receive from RFM. It is a true pleasure to deal with a vendor that is committed to taking care of their customers the same way I take care of mine.



619 SW Wood Street
Hillsboro, OR 97123

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